Routine grease trap cleaning in Galloway & Dublin, OH is important

If you own a restaurant, you know how important it is to keep things clean. That includes your grease trap. Ericson Environmental Services performs thorough grease trap cleaning in Galloway and Dublin, OH. We'll pump out your system using top-quality hydro jetting services. You can stay EPA-compliant and prevent serious plumbing issues when you work with us. While we mostly work with restaurants, we can clean grease traps for any business.

Meet with a pro from Ericson Environmental Services in Galloway or Dublin, OH today to find out if your grease trap needs some TLC.

Stay aware of the signs of a clogged grease trap

How can you tell that you need grease trap cleaning? There are several signs, including:

Slow-draining sinks
A trap that's over 1/4 full
Foul odors coming from your sinks

Learn more about our hydro jetting services for grease traps now by calling 614-874-7585 or texting 614-929-0161.