Take advantage of professional excavation services in Galloway & Dublin, OH

Whether you work in construction or oil drilling, you probably need a skilled excavator. Ericson Environmental Services can handle your project with ease. We offer exceptional excavation services in Galloway and Dublin, OH. You'll get safe, clean and efficient services whenever you hire us.

We'll assess your situation and determine the best technique to use. We often turn to hydro excavation whenever possible due to its powerful results. Speak with us about excavation services now by calling 614-874-7585 or texting 614-929-0161.

Excavate using the power of water

Sometimes, traditional excavation techniques won't do the trick. That's when we perform hydro excavation. This technique uses water and pumps rather than heavy machinery. Dirt is loosened by water, then vacuumed out, making it an ideal technique for clay soil, deep soil and packed-in dirt. Plus, it's the safest way to excavate ground utilities.

Discuss the benefits of hydro excavation with the team at Ericson Environmental Services in Galloway & Dublin, OH today.